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Our High-Quality Vacation Rental Cleaning Service

At Rapid Fire Elite Cleaning Force, we are dedicated to keeping your Airbnb or hotel clean for your next guest. So much of your reputation relies on cleanliness, so it is essential to keep your rooms spotless. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our team is willing and ready to tackle even the most complicated jobs. Our lite team provides expert-level service and superior vacation rental cleaning. Our Phoenix, AZ customers have come to trust us for our expertise and experience. Outstanding vacation rental services begin and end with thorough routine cleaning, so let us help.

How Vacation Rental Cleaning Can Help You

There are crucial differences between cleaning your home and cleaning a rental property. It is essential to hire experts to disinfect and clean your vacation rental. Fortunately, Rapid Fire Elite Cleaning Force has years of experience performing this service. Other vacation rental companies might avoid the hard work that goes into vacation rental cleaning – but we do not. When you work with our specialists, you can count on thorough services. If you hire us, we will sanitize and spray down all surfaces, such as tables, shelves, countertops, light switches, doorknobs, handles, and handheld items, such as remotes. We will then deep clean the living room furniture and carpets once or twice a year. We also do the following:

  • Inventory All Rooms For Essential Supplies
  • Replenish Low Stock of Crucial Items
  • Inspect the Property For Damage or Breakage
  • Report Any Missing Items

The Benefits of Using Our Vacation Rental Cleaning Company

Cleanliness is perhaps the most important factor in the success of your vacation rental. Getting good reviews is everything. Rapid Fire Elite Cleaning Force is here to help. Some vacation rentals ask guests to clean when they leave at the end of the vacation, which places undue stress on them. Instead, hire a professional to perform vacation rental cleaning. There are numerous benefits to investing in vacation rental cleaning, including:



  • You Can Charge A Higher Rate: You might think your guests do not want to pay more for their vacation rental. But they will pay a cleaning fee – and happily so – to avoid having to clean the property themselves. They don’t want the hassle.
  • Consistency and Thoroughness: We are professional cleaners. We know how to get every nook and cranny of your vacation rental, from the bedroom to the bathroom. We will work together to make a checklist of everything that needs cleaning.
  • No Negative Reviews: Nothing displeases a vacationer more than an unclean vacation rental. It is important to present a spotless vacationing spot to your guests. Professional cleaning will help avoid the negative reviews associated with dirty rentals.
  • Faster Turn Overs: Even if you ask your guests to clean when they leave, you will still have to do some cleaning yourself. This is time-consuming and unnecessary. We are fast and thorough, which will allow you to rent your property to more guests.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: Dirt and grime – when left uncleaned – can cause wear and tear over time. Maintaining a regular deep cleaning schedule will keep your property and everything in it in tip-top shape for much longer – reducing expenses in the process.

Why Choose Rapid Fire Elite Cleaning Force

When you work with a professional cleaner, you are looking for a partner who is detail-oriented, speedy, and professional. That is what you get when you work with Rapid Fire Elite Cleaning Force. We provide a wide range of services to our clients, but we specialize in vacation rental cleaning. We work hard to ensure you get rave reviews from your guests because your success is our success. We are affordable – making us perfect for Airbnb proprietors who do not have the time or expertise to perform deep cleanings after each guest leaves their property. Contact us today to get started.

Fast & Affordable Cleaning Services